Building Simulation & Virtual Reality

Real Time 3d graphics provide the greatest level of interaction for architecture, construction & property. It is a tool that combines full 3d exploration with the highest visual quality. Professionals from the fields of architecture, construction, design & real estate know the advantages of accurate 3d representations. They can now experience walkthroughs of buildings that do not yet exist in the most realistic way. 3D apps simulate the building, demonstrate the lighting and allow users to enjoy (or argue about!) every detail. Design teams and clients come together and discuss concepts and ideas, having a better feel of what they want before construction begins, skipping hours of reworking.



You can download and explore our demo scene called “The Loft” from this link . It downloads a safe Zip file from our Google Drive folder that only needs unzip and no further installation. We recommend a PC with 64bit Windows,  modern GPU & CPU and more than 8 GB Ram. Higher specs make the experience smoother.