Installation of external thermal insulation

Location: Asvestochori, Thessaloniki
Year: 2015
Supervision: Ch.Boutsivaris, K.Boutsivaris
Surface: 213 M2
Status: completed

It is estimated that 1/3 of the energy consumed for the heating and cooling of a dwelling is lost through uninsulated masonry. The installation of “thermoprosopsis” [external thermal insulation] will protect the building's residences from external thermal conditions, preventing losses during winter and excessive heat gains during summer. As a result, high savings are noted regarding the bills for heating and cooling, achieving high energy savings and a reduction of losses up to 65%.

In addition, the building's facades are sealed against rainwater and external humidity. Various problems regarding mold in existing buildings or its appearance in new constructions are dissolved. The structural system of the building is protected from thermal loads and water condensation, leading to the extension of its lifespan.