Single residence

Location: Petralona, Chalkidiki
Year: 2014
Study: Ch.Boutsivaris
Land area: 2,500 M2
Status: building permit issued

The residence is integrated harmoniously with the residential and natural environment, without offending or endangering the characteristics of the area. The optimal living conditions and environmental protection are ensured, given respect to existing plantings and the limited creation of yard constructions. The design of the building's interior orients the main living rooms, i.e. kitchen and two bedrooms, in the south; the two bathrooms and the master bedroom are north-facing, while the living room is northwest-facing, ensuring comfortable living conditions, adequate lighting and ventilation and the exploitation of the plot's inclination for optimal view. The building consists of three rectangular volumes that mutually penetrate creating recesses and protrusions. The interior spaces' requirements, the relation and synthesis of the volumes, the facades and the visible parts of the building are designed and resolved with simple volume additions and subtractions, consistent with the description of the customers.