Imagine the city: Thessaloniki 2014

Location: Thessaloniki
Year: 2014
Organization Group: citiTEN
Photography: cre8ive studios
Category: exhibition of architectural proposals and parallel events

In June 2014 the exhibition “Imagine the City: Thessaloniki 2014” has been held, which consisted of urban planning, architectural and artistic interventions, related to the city of Thessaloniki, inviting residents to imagine the urban landscape. An open call to the creative community and the educational institutions of Greece has been made, in order to gather studies, digital material, designs and 3D models created by students and professionals around the country and abroad, which refer exclusively to the aesthetic and functional upgrade of Thessaloniki.

The exhibition took place in Thessaloniki from 20 to 29 June 2014 and it has been accompanied by a parallel program of urban events and exhibitions around the city. Τhrough lectures, debates, workshops and urban interventions, ideas on urban regeneration and local development have been disseminated, unknown facets of the city have been revealed and new ground for local synergies was created.

The ImagineTheCity platform was designed in 2009 and it has been developed since then in order to trigger a creative dialogue between citizens, academics, creators and local authorities, on the decision-making processes and design of public works in Greek cities. It promotes a series of exhibitions in Greek cities presenting proposals for the regeneration of the urban landscape of each city enhanced with parallel urban events. Through ImagineTheCity Exhibitions, citizens are given the opportunity to be informed, discuss, understand the possibilities of improvement of their city’s image and quality of life, and envision their city differently. For more information about the network Imagine The City and the exhibitions held in other Greek cities, visit Imagine the City.