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Our engineering studio Boutsivaris Design & Construction operates in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece and the surrounding areas. We have expertise in all kinds of building development and construction including private residential projects, vacation houses, commercial buildings, as well as renovations and design. The experience in the areas of project design, management & construction guarantees high quality engineering services to our clients.

The goal is to creatively combine the functional requirements of each project with quality design based on codes and the most up-to-date materials. In our work, we always try to achieve the optimal conditions for the spaces’ occupants, whether it is a private, commercial or public use space, taking always into consideration the desirable aesthetic outcome. We do most of our work “in house” to help the client  accomplish the vision for each project.


Kostas Boutsivaris

Structural Civil Engineer, Faculty of Engineering AUTH
Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (2008)
e-mail:    boutsivariskostas @ gmail . com
info @ boutsivaris . gr